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Business Filings: NASS - National Association of Secretaries of State
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Health and Safety: OSHA - Establishment Inspections Database
  OSHA - Index to OSHA Standards
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Public Records: BRB - Court Cases/Lawsuits
  Stanford Law School - Class Action Lawsuit Clearing House
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NLRB: NLRB - Board Decisions, ALJ Decisions, Regional Directors
  NLRB - Cite Net
  LawMemo - Recent NLRB Decisions
Legal: NOLO - State Statutes
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  West's Labor Law Case Updates
  FindLaw - Labor and Employment Law Resources
  Law Moose
Building Trades: GPO - Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations
  WDOL - Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations
  Indiana Homeland Security Building Plan Review
  Laser, Inc.
Federal Contractor Debarment: GSA - Excluded Parties List System (EPLS)
Service Contract Act: Wage Determinations
Environmental Protection: EPA - Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO)
  EDF - ScoreCard
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  Google - News Archive
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FOIA: FOIA Request Letter Generator
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  IRIN - Annual Report Resource Center
Company Profiles: Business Wire - Profiles
Watch Dog Groups: Corporate Dirt Archives
  Multi-National Monitor
  Who Owns What?
  Corporate Crime Reporter
Financial Data: AFL-CIO Executive Pay Watch
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Financials: GuideStar - IRS Form 990
Watch Dog Groups: Better Busness Bureau - Give.org (national charities)
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