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Hiring Halls

There are two forms of referral for operation of hiring halls. Exclusive halls are those that operate where a collective bargaining agreement specifies that the contractor accept job applicants exclusively through the use of the union hiring hall. Referrals must be made in a non-discriminatory manner and the referral system must serve both members and non-members.

Non-exclusive hiring halls are those that operate where the collective bargaining agreement allows the contractor to either 1) hire applicants directly or 2) accept applicants through the union referral system. Non-exclusive halls can limit referrals to union members only.

Workers using the hiring hall must receive referral rules in writing and be notified of any changes. The union may adopt specific rules for referral as follows:

  A steward may be the first referred.
  Seniority may determine the order of referral. This may take into account length of service in the industry, in the bargaining unit or for a specific employer.
  The length of time on the bench (layoff) may determine the order of referral.
  Specific qualifications requested by the employer may be used to determine referral.
  The union may charge a fee for the use of the hiring hall to non-members.
  Any referral system, regardless of whether it is exclusive or non-exclusive, cannot discriminate on the basis of race or other unlawful reason.

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